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Corn Tortilla Recipe

The word tortilla comes from the Spaniard word “torta”. The meaning of the word is round bake cake. There is no denying the fact that the aroma is at the best when it is served hot and homemade. It is available in restaurants also, but one can easily find the difference in the taste.

Though at one point of time it was the favorite and the most sought food item among the Mexicans at present it has gained popularity between the Americans and they resort to putting anything from meat, vegetables in the corn tortilla to make the corn tortilla recipe the best among the others.

The process of corn tortilla recipe is not as complicated as it appears and only a simple procedure is to be followed to make it the tastiest recipe among the others. The two ingredients normally required in making a corn tortilla is the corn flour and water. A simple instrument called tortilla recipe is easily available in the market to press the corn tortilla. The instrument saves time and the work involved manually. In every recipe of corn tortilla recipe what is needed is the Masa Harina to 1- ¼ to 1/3 cups of water.

At first the Masa Harina is mixed with water to form the dough and then round balls size is made from the dough according to the size one’s desires. Next set the masa on a piece of plastic and cover it with another plastic press it. The next step is to transfer the tortilla to a hot dry skillet cooking it for around thirty seconds and after the same process and cooking the other side for around another thirty seconds. Also cook for some extra seconds to see that it puff slightly which enhances the quality.


Though the corn tortilla recipe is very simple some important considerations should be kept in mind. Firstly as the masa dries out very quickly it should be always be covered with a plastic while making the tortillas. Next holding the pressed tortilla remove the plastic from the pressed tortilla. Ensure that the skillet is hot and dry before putting the tortilla. Just ensure that the skillet is at the proper temperature which will facilitate the cooking of the corn tortilla in just around two minutes. It is advisable to use cast iron utensils while cooking the corn tortilla and the brown spots appearing on the tortilla tells that the tortilla has been cooked properly.

After the corn tortilla is cooked, cover it with a piece of cloth and keep it in an aluminum foil pouch to keep it warm because it is best tasted when taken hot and fresh.

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